The default time command in most Linux distributions is not a REAL command, it comes as built-in functionality of shells like “bash”.

But, when you type man time, you will get a manual for a time utility which may not be installed.

For example, in Arch Linux, run sudo pacman -S time to install the GNU version of the “time” utility, then you can run the following commands (It’s important to run it with the full path, otherwise
you will be running the built-in “time” command):

/usr/bin/time uname
/usr/bin/time -v uname

You will notice that the output is slightly different to the output of the built-in “time” command.

Running the following command will produce a similar output to the built-in “time” function:

/usr/bin/time -f "%C %Us user %Ss system %P cpu %e total" uname

Have fun :-)